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Frequently asked questions – PBH Translating & Interpreting Services

What is the company PBH Translating & Interpreting Services?

We are a team of top translators and interpreters who have years of experience. In addition to translating and interpreting services we offer language proofreading of various types of documents, audio or video recording transcription and related graphic services. We work with various language combinations and we offer translations from and to 42 different languages. We are available not only online but also at three branch offices in Bratislava (2) and Dunajská Streda (1). In March 2019 there is the planned opening of a new branch in Levice.

What is the difference between you and other translation agencies?

We provide translations and interpretations from and to various language combinations while Slovak does not have to be one of the chosen languages. We work with up to 42 languages at an expert level since our translators and interpreters, including native speakers, are experts not only in language but also in the field to which the translation or interpretation pertains. We can easily manage European languages such as English, Hungarian, German, French, Polish, etc. However, languages like Korean, Chinese or Arabic can be a piece of cake. The list of all supported languages is available at our website.

How can I find out whether the agency is reliable?

At the moment there are many freelance translators and some of them are not sufficiently qualified and they lack of experience working in this field of business. There are also one-person agencies that provide translation services. However, you can find out easily whether an agency is reliable or not – via references. Ask family, colleagues, acquaintances for their experience. We are a translation agency that acquired the quality certificates of the company TÜV SÜD. We have been on the market for ten years, we have outstanding references, we collaborate with top internal and external translators and interpreters, and we know the needs of our target group in detail.

How can I place an order for a translation?

You can bring the original documents that need translating to one of our branch offices (2 in Bratislava, 1 in Dunajská Streda and 1 in Levice). We will create a price offer and arrange for the following communication with translators. It is possible to send the materials via mail (PBH Translating & Interpreting Services, Gusevova 6, 821 09 Bratislava). You can also place the order via e-mail ( or via the contact form at our website where you can fill it with your contact information, information on the translation and attach the materials for translation. Then we can either send your translation via e-mail, post and courier or in person.

Is it necessary to visit one of your offices?

Not at all! It is possible to carry out most translation remotely, with the exception of official sworn translations.

Which format is suitable for the document?

You can practically send a document in any format; we will take care of it. Documents brought by clients in person or sent via mail are scanned into the computer in PDF format and then converted into a Word document that can be modified.

What is a standard page?

While creating a price offer, we take into account the number of standard pages (SP). One standard page is considered to be 1,800 characters, including spaces, which represents approximately 250 words in the text.

 I need to translate a document which only has 40 words. Will I pay only for 40 words?

No. The minimum price for a translation is the price for one standard page. The price differs according to the language combination the translation requires.

Do you provide some discounts to your clients?

Yes. We provide great discounts for big projects or discounts in the case of future collaboration.

How long will it take to complete the translation?

The period necessary for the completion of the translation depends on the language combination and amount of text you wish to have translated.

Is it possible to carry out urgents?

Yes. In case that you need a translation urgently we provide express services, for a minimal additional charge.

What kinds of texts do you translate?

We translate all kinds of texts including, but not exclusively, the following texts:

  • General
  • Technical
  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Business
  • Media
  • Educational, etc.

What do you translate?

We provide translations from various fields. We are always available no matter whether you need informative translations such as press releases, instruction manuals, promotional materials or translations from the fields of law, finance, economy, marketing, insurance, construction, medicine, the pharmaceutical field, the automotive industry, engineering, etc. We also provide official sworn translations with a round stamp, bound with the tricolour string necessary for official purposes. These may be e.g. a vehicle registration card, medical report, trade certificate, extract from criminal records, extract from business records, apostille, judgement, works contract, employment contract, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.

Do translators use some tool for translation?

Nowadays there exist many programs and tools that make translations faster and easier for the translator. These technologies are mainly translation memories, which create a database of translated terms and sentences – so that the translator will not have to completely translate the same or similar text all over again. Work efficiency improves with the help of such tools, and the time needed for the translation and its complete proofreading decreases. Our company uses Trados software.

Is it possible for you to translate my website?

Yes, we can provide you with a website translation to meet your requirements.

Do you cooperate with companies or individuals?

Our clients represent various domestic and international companies, small and medium businesses, as well as individuals who would like to use our services.

Is it possible to keep the same page format in the translation?

Yes, the format in the translated document will be kept the same as in the original document.

Do you also provide official sworn translations?

Yes. We can also provide you with official translations (translations with stamp), which are needed mainly for official matters. The official documents are e.g.: birth certificates, diplomas, contracts, extract from criminal records, extract from business records, power of attorney, etc. Our translators are professionals who are authorised by the Ministry of Justice and are also experts in fields such as: law, economy, education, etc. These translations are of high quality and comply with the requirements under the law. There are also Notary Public offices in the vicinity of our branch offices.

How may I place an order for an official translation?

You can place an order for an official translation at one of our branch offices (Bratislava, Levice and Dunajská Streda), via e-mail or at our website, where we also offer the online calculation of the preliminary price.

Does the Project Manager translate my documents?

The Project Manager will help you with your requirements, but he/she does not translate the document. He/she prepares, manages and supervises all the actions necessary to process your order – from assigning the translation through its delivery up to invoicing. He/she does not translate documents; however, he/she is responsible for the final adjustments and sees the delivery of your translation on time.

So, who are the translators?

Our database of translators is comprised of professionals who are registered in the list of translators and interpreters. This means that they can work not only for a natural person or corporate body, but also for courts or other authorities. Our colleagues are highly qualified to practise their business and you can find native speakers among them as well.

What if you do not provide services in the language I need the document translated from/to?

We always try to find a translator in the database who works with the given language, no matter if he/she is in Slovakia or the Czech Republic. Since we provide our services in 42 languages, there is the slight possibility that a problem with finding a translator would arise. However, if such a situation occurs, we can solve it – it is possible to carry out a translation so that the document will be translated into one language and then into the required language. In this case you should take into consideration that the final price will be higher because it will count as two translations.

What are the payment methods you accept?

  • Cash
  • Deposit into our bank account
  • Bank transfer to our bank account

What is your due date?

  • Individuals: full payment in advance
  • Business clients: under mutual agreement, on a contractual basis

How does it all work?

  • You send us your documents/materials for translation
  • You receive a non-binding price offer for free
  • You will confirm the order with a binding effect
  • You pay
  • You receive the translated documents


How much does a translation cost?

The price of the translation always depends on the number of standard pages, the language the document is translated from/to and also on the type of document – whether it is an informational, common or official translation. Informational translations start at €9. The price for official sworn translations starts at €17.90 (including VAT). The invoice always contains the price with and without VAT. Moreover, if you subscribe to our newsletter, you will receive a 10% discount for an order higher than €30.

Is there a mandatory minimum of text for placing my order?

The smallest unit is one standard page, so that even just commenced, an incomplete page counts.

Why are some languages more expensive?

One of the reasons is that the translation price is a matter of supply and demand. This means that the more uncommon the language and the fewer translators working with such a language, the higher the translation price. If it is a very common language, the price could be lower. Another reason is language difficulty, mainly Asian ones. For example, Japanese, which is a language containing more than 8,000 characters, is much more demanding than English in terms of time. It is a complex language in regards to word meanings and that is why it is necessary to understand it in detail.

Will I pay more for the translation if I need it ASAP?

If you need your translation carried out ASAP, we can give preference to your order, however there is an additional charge for such a service. This mainly refers to a situation where you need a translation within 24 hours.

Delivery time and time to prepare an order

What is the difference between delivery time and time to prepare an order?

The preparation time is the time the translator prepares the translation of your text. Since quality comes first, we proofread the text several times before delivery. That is why the delivery time exceeds the time to prepare the order.

How many pages can you translate per day?

Usually it is 7 SP, however some translators are able to work faster. Everything depends on the length and complexity of the text. Usually the translation takes from 3 to 5 days; of course, it is possible to deliver the translation sooner, if requested.


When do I have to pay for the services?

When placing your order, it is common to pay a deposit depending on the amount of text. Then you will pay the rest of the price when receiving the completed order.

How can I pay for the services?

You can pay in cash at one of our branch offices or via bank account. So far, paying by card is not possible at our offices. We can issue the invoice in paper or electronic form.


What do you guarantee?

Experience – The company PBH Translating & Interpreting Services has been operating for more than 10 years. Its team is comprised of professional translators and interpreters who have translated a great number of documents and have interpreted various lectures, seminars and business meetings.

Quality – Our translators are experts not only in languages but also in the fields in which you need the translation. The great references from domestic and foreign clients says it all.

Delivery on time – We pay attention to meeting deadlines, so that you can have your translation ready on time.

Payment receipt – We always issue an invoice for a translation, either in paper or electronic form.

Confidentiality – At work we come into contact sensitive information and confidentiality is one of our services. Clients can be certain that we handle their data confidentially and safely.

ISO Certificates – We are holders of the quality certificates STN EN ISO 9001:2016 in the field of translation and interpretation services and EN ISO 17100:2015 in the field of translation services.

Other services

Besides translating services, we also offer the following services:

Interpreting services

Depending on what you need and on event type, we provide consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. Consecutive interpreting consists of interpreting a speaker after individual sections, while the interpreter is present and makes his/her notes. This type of interpreting is suitable for business meetings, lectures or social and cultural events. In the case of simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter interprets while the speaker is speaking, and the interpreter works in an interpretation booth. Simultaneous interpreting is mainly used during conferences, international congresses and seminars.

How do you calculate the interpretation price?

The interpretation price depends on various aspects. For example, one of them is interpreting time, which is usually set as half a day or the whole day. Other aspects that influence interpretation costs are:

  • Language combination
  • Place
  • Duration of event
  • Actual working hours

Is it necessary to attach materials related to the event topic?

Definitely. An interpreter can thoroughly prepare for the event thanks to these materials.

Is it enough to order the service from one interpreter?

In case the event duration is less than 90 minutes, it is enough to have one interpreter. However, if the event/conference lasts more than 90 minutes, we recommend having at least two interpreters at your service.

Audio/Video Recording Transcription

If you need to transcribe a recording from a conference, meeting, seminar, lectures or interview to written form, we can offer you not only an audio or video recording transcription but also their subsequent translation.

What is the price and how long does it take to make a transcription?

We charge per minute. However, the price and the final charged time depend on the quality and length of the video or audio recording.

The file for transcription is too big. How can I send it to you?

The best way to send us a big file is by uploading it to a portal dedicated for document-sharing such as or We Tranfer. You can also send us the file to our address on a DVD or hard disk.

Language proof-reading

We also provide professional text editing if you want to have a flawless text not only in regards to spelling but also in terms of grammar and style. We will take care of your text so that there are no colloquial phrases or errors. Proof-reading is mainly suitable for texts that will be published – such as manuals, newspaper articles, books, promotional materials or speeches.

Graphic services

If you have any ideas that you would like to implement, but do not know how, write us your requirements.

Office and stationery services

In the case of copying or printing documents, we can provide you with black-and-white or colour copies.

If you are interested in any of our services, do not hesitate to contact us in person at one of our offices, via phone, or via e-mail to thee-mail address (


Frequently asked questions PBH Translating & Interpreting Services

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