Great deals for foreign students – certified translation services

Great deals for foreign students – certified translation services

Are you a foreigner planning to study in Slovakia? Would you like to apply for one of our many universities but you’re struggling with your administrative work? Let us help!

The number of incoming foreign students in Slovakia keeps rising. Living in the new country not only requires familiarizing with a different culture, but also plenty of administrative work, mostly regarding application to a university of your choice. Providing your future university with translations of confirmations of your previous education (school leaving diploma, transcript of records, copy of passport or ID, CV and proof of payment for entrance examination etc.) is a necessity but what is the best way to get them?

PBH Translating & Interpreting Services in Bratislava decided to step in and simplify the new beginnings of every student by offering them great deals for official translations of their documents. Our translators are highly skilled and experienced professionals, working with a large spectrum of languages.

What are the documents most frequently demanded by Slovak universities? CVs, enrollment confirmations, school reports, certificates, criminal records – you name it! Even though requirements may vary, our colleagues will make sure you’ve got everything you need to become a fully-fledged Slovak student. Our services are complex, quick and reliable, as soon as you send us the originals, we can commence our work.

We speak English. Contact us now!

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