We try to offer you the most
favourable prices.


The price calculation for translations will always be prepared on request.  We try to offer you the most favourable prices. An informative translation can be obtained from 9 Euros per standard page.
To imagine the indicative costs for our services, we would like to present basic information on how we calculate prices.

SP – one standard page (SP) is considered to be 1,800 characters, including spaces or alternatively the amount of words in the text, while the smallest unit is one SP – thus even a commenced, incomplete page counts.

PP – a physical page is one page of a document given for translation into a different language or processed differently without considering the text on the page.

U – unit of an official translation = a PP (page of an official document) or an SP if the PP exceeds the range of 1,800 characters, including spaces.

An hour of interpreting/work = each hour commenced. A day is more than 4 hours but 8 hours at most.
A 1/2 day is more than 4 hours but 4 hours at most.

In the case of express translations, we calculate the additional charge to prices from list after first discussing it with clients and getting their approval.

In case of administrative and assistance services, graphic services and other additional services, the price calculation will be based on the specifications of your order.

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