Proofreading and editing of texts
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To make an impression, texts need more than  unique and gripping content. Unformatted text with grammatical and stylistic errors lead to the reader being often distracted by non-standard expressions and grammatical errors,  frequently rejecting the text. People say that everybody makes mistakes and if you need to impress with your written speech, you can entrust your materials us. Professional linguists work at PBH TRANSLATING & INTERPRETING SERVICES and that is why it does not matter in which language your texts are written.
Maybe you say to yourself that you are good at grammar. If you want to succeed, it takes more than grammar – it also concerns stylistics and the overall tone of the text.


Our aim is to provide the professional editing of texts of any kind, in terms of spelling and grammar as well as stylistics. We can ensure that no non-standard or slang expressions are present in technical or regular texts; we proofread declension, phrases, punctuation, word order etc.

We will read the text thoroughly and analyse it.
We will apply synonyms to liven up repeated expressions and clichés.
What texts are suitable for proofreading? Proofreading is suitable for all texts  you wish to publish in a magazine, to describe products, handbooks, written speeches, etc.


Professional editing and proofreading

Do you lack the skills needed for Microsoft Office? Has it ever happened to you that a text moved, erased itself or the order was changed?  A “clean” appearance makes an impression and that is why we provide not only proofreading but  the formal editing of a document. Spacing, characters, font, page numbers, sections, breaks, headings, content, citations, image
insertion, descriptions, bibliographical abbreviations, symbols, paragraphs and footnotes are a piece of cake to us.

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