Regular and non official translations
without a round seal


Do you need an express translation of your documents? We provide regular, specialized, official, legal, technical or construction translations from/to all languages.

Why are we special?

There is a high number of freelance translators not sufficiently qualified to perform their activities. PBH TRANSLATING & INTERPRETING SERVICES is a team of top translators, including native speakers, who are constantly available for you. Our colleagues are registered in a list of translators and interpreters, which gives them the possibility of working not only for natural persons and corporate entities, as well as for courts or other public authority.


Are you looking for a translation between European or non-European languages? We have experience with translations in all world languages. Our linguistic knowledge can be used in dozens of different fields, such as law, banking, accounting, finances, insurance, health care, commerce, medicine, pharmaceutics industry, marketing, constructions, automotive industry, mechanical engineering, engineering, etc.

Úradné a súdne preklady
Our services include:
Translations between Slovak and Czech.
Translations between Slovak and other European language.
Translations between two languages where neither is Slovak.
Expert written statement on translation.


An official (legally certified) translation with a round seal, bound with a tricolour string are necessary for official purposes and when in contact with the government. You need an official translation for the following: evidence of formal qualification, employment contract, work contracts, sales purchase agreement, birth certificate, marriage certificate, extract from a judicial record, extract from the commercial register, sentence, Apostille, notarisations, vehicle registration, trade licence, certificate of vehicle registration, certificates of various types, legal documents, medical reports, resolutions, contract of donations, etc.


These are regular or informative translations such as press releases, texts for advertising materials and instruction manuals.


Usually, a specialised text contains highly professional terminology related to a specific area. When translating a terminologically complex text, we are particularly precise in translating every term. Specialised texts are e.g. news articles, publications, university textbooks, textbooks and other documents related to specialised branches.

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You can immediately use our services through a binding online order.

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Preliminary calculation

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