Conditions for ordering services

Terms and conditions for ordering translations, interpretations and proofreading

  1. The Provider shall carry out the ordered services only through field experts who have mastered proper language and terminology.
  2. If not arranged otherwise, the Provider shall hand in translations in standard MS Word formats via e-mail, printed or in the case of an official translation it shall be delivered in person to the client, according to the order with the specified delivery of the aforementioned translations.
  3. The Provider is obliged to confidentiality on contents of materials and materials received from the client, as well as information and circumstances that are the subject or related to the translation. The Provider is obliged to secure by agreement that confidentiality shall also be applied to the translators used for accomplishing the services stated in the order.
  4. The information obtained while providing professional services cannot be provided by the Provider neither to third persons nor spread in another manner, not even after finishing and delivering the translation to the client.
  5. The client is obliged to settle the remuneration for the translation based on the Provider’s invoice, which has all requirements of a proper accounting document, with a 10-day payment period. In case of settling the remuneration via a cashless payment, the remuneration shall be considered paid from the moment it is credited to the Provider’s account.
  6. The client gives to the Provider the right to use a copyrighted work with no limitations for the purposes of accomplishing the obligations of the order.
  7. The client hereby gives consent to the Provider to process personal data according to Act No. 18/2018 Coll. on personal data protection, for purposes of accomplishing the translation according to the order.
  8. The client is entitled to fill a complaint in written form within 3 calendar days from the day the translation is delivered to the client according to the order, otherwise the translation shall be considered as accepted and the Provider is not obliged to accept such a complaint.
  9. The Provider is not held responsible for incorrect and/or incomplete documentation or information provided by the client.
  10. If a circumstance occurs while providing services, which is not caused by the Provider and which prevents the translation from being properly finished, the deadline for completing the translation is extended for the period of the circumstance. The Provider shall be obliged to inform the client on this circumstance without undue delay.
  11. The Provider is not late with accomplishing its obligation in case of not receiving proper and sufficiently timely assistance from the client or if such assistance has not been provided in the form and manner required by the Provider.

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